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Chemistry Supply Websites

It’s so hard to stock a home chem lab these days. For the past few years I have struggled to get the equipment and chemicals needed for even basic experiments. Sometimes I would think I found a website that would ship things like HCl or flasks but they ended up sending me an email asking for a business I.D. Finally I have come across some good resources to buy materials for home chemistry experiments and amateur chemistry labs.

The only store I have ordered from so far is United Nuclear. They offer a great selection of supplies and are the best for radioactive samples and isotopes. They’re also a great source for element collectors and some hard to get items like aerogel. It took awhile to get my order from them, but it was packed well and had everything I ordered!

Here’s some other great resources I have found. The first site offers a great selection of lab equipment and chemicals for great prices. I’ll note any cool things I find on the sites next to the links.

1. HomeScienceTools– This site offers a great selection of lab equipment for the home chemist (and scientist in general). They also have a great selection of small quantities of chemicals for low prices. Standard $6.95 shipping on orders of $100 or more (nice!).

2. HMS Beagle– I have yet to see a better selection of chemicals on any site. They even sell Nitric Acid! This store is absolutely awesome, I wish I lived close to their flagship store in Missouri.

3. Elemental Scientific– Great selection of glassware and affordable glassware/labware kits. They sell kits of chemicals that are affordable and commonly used in the lab.

4. Indigo– Fair selection of glassware and other lab equipment at good prices. There’s a cool selection of magnets and tuning forks as well.

5. Readily Available Chemicals– Lists places to get chemicals in the U.S. and the U.K.

6. Amazon– Believe it or not, Amazon has some awesome chemicals and lab equipment for sale. Do some searching and you’ll be surprised at what you find.

7. eBay– Again, another one of those sites that many forget to check for home lab supplies. I got a great deal on a pound of Magnesium off of eBay. Once in awhile you can find a case of test tubes for under $20.

Let us know if you have any other sources for chemistry supplies for the amateur chemist.

By the way, another cool site to check out is ThinkGeek. They don’t necessarily sell chemistry supplies but there’s an awesome collection of dorky toys and science stuff that everyone will love.


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