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Coins are Antimicrobial! | ChemistryTwig

Coins are Antimicrobial!

Coins are antibacterialCoins are antimicrobial! Say what? It’s true. Just don’t go swallowing pennies if you have a sinus infection or something. That would definitely not help your situation.

Copper is in a lot of coins, or at least coats coins such as the penny. Copper is one of nature’s antibiotics. It kills bacteria by getting into a bacteria’s metabolic cycle and essentially bursting the bacteria. Silver does the same exact thing! That’s why some people wear silver lined underwear… seriously, there’s this horse riding website that sells silver underwear to prevent bacterial infections “down there.” There are some who even make silver solutions and drink the solutions to help with bacterial infections. Does it work? Supposedly. Is it a good idea? Well, you could turn blue/gray, a condition called argyria… or if you’re allergic to silver you would most likely die.

Did you ever notice that door handles and such in public places are made of metal, usually bronze? This is partly due to the fact that metals such as copper are such good antimicrobial agents. So, coins are probably not as dirty as you think! Just don’t go around licking coins, that’s still not a good idea.

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