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Teardrop Trivia | ChemistryTwig

Teardrop Trivia


Did you know that your tear drops are natural antibiotics? Your teardrops contain an enzyme called lysozome – it’s a bad-boy of an enzyme!

The enzyme called lysozyme helps hydrolyze the bonds between the sugars on the walls of a bacteria’s outer membrane. Essentially they just mess up the membrane to the point where it’s really weak. The pressure inside a cell can be up to 20 atmospheres. That’s 20 times the atmospheric pressure at sea level; enough to pop your eardrums. Basically the membrane is so weak that the bacteria bursts. The same enzyme, lysozyme, is also found in eggs.

Essentially your tear drops are antibiotics! Next time you get a cut and you’re crying, let those tears fall on your cut and you’ll help avoid infection.

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