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About Marc

Marc I’m the main content producer here at ChemistryTwig.  I’m a chemical engineer and Chemistry has been an interest and hobby of mine for over 10 years.  While I am interested in all subjects relating to Chemistry (minus buffers, they are my least favorite), I especially enjoy exploring the synthesis of alternative fuels as well as the exploration of extraterrestrial bodies for new compounds and elements.  Since the latter of my two interests is somewhat difficult to physically do, I tend to spend my time reading about NASA’s findings.

I am an element collector and I have been known to tear apart my family’s and friend’s appliances to get at an element that I am in search of (they weren’t too happy about the fire alarms or TV I took apart a few years ago). My favorite element that I currently have is gallium; I’ve never let it melt on my bare skin, but it fascinates me that it melts with body heat.

My favorite chemist is Michael Faraday. He just seems as though he was a really cool guy that you could sit down with and have a normal conversation without him ever boasting about what he accomplished. I would love to discover and uncover some of the unknowns like Faraday did; especially things that can help people.

Other than my interests in Chemistry and Engineering, I’m a fairly average guy;

Favorite food: Probably spaghetti or ice cream.

Favorite band: Definitely AC/DC.

The perfect career: Being an engineer and scientist – exploring and researching new technologies that can help people and have a positive impact on everyone’s and nature’s well being.

Hobbies: Chemistry, Engineering, hanging out with friends, hiking, math (I know, dorky), photography, reading, skiing (tied with chemistry/engineering as my favorite), snowboarding, traveling, and web development.

Weird fact: I’ve never eaten a McDonald’s hamburger or cheeseburger.